Coupe follow up…

A wee follow up for the last bit.

Coupe de France – on we go!

I’ve been a busy boy.

#CoupedeFrance #seventhround #FrenchFootball

Limoges FC’s ups and downs



Is there a linesman in the house???

Well I’ve written some more and now have all the bits I’ve done linked under my name on which is very decent of them.

Here’s the latest.


The scoreboard reset before the pitch cleared of players at Feytiat!  Teehee

The next bit will be about the Coupe de France.  Hopefully there will be more about Limoges FC…

Gardening News


There are no prizes for guessing…


… why …


… we’ve invested …


… in a new …


… lawn mower!


Thus we’d been looking for a better lawn mower option…

We got a new petrol driven one at a good price and it was duly assembled and yanked into life.  🙂  All was good, it started, it stopped.  No problems.

The weather is rarely an impediment to doing outside stuff so after some work I had a wee go and the damn thing wouldn’t turn off…  Somewhat negating the safety feature of the red handle.


The engine wants tae take it!

Anyway, it ran out of petrol eventually sitting quite happily running while I blethered with the neighbour about our plan to let a bit of the garden go a bit wild.  We’ve seeds and are going to try and have a wee bit of mini flowery meadow on one side of the house.  It’ll mean less mowing for me and more food for his bees.


It was logical

Anyway we’ve worked out what the problem was and the rest of the grass will be cut with all the safety features of the mower operational…

Those who know me will not be surprised.  I’m not that technical, not with these nails…   The moral of the story is look at the picture in the instructions!  🙂

Anyway, next time the update will be longer with tales of my international business exploits and S’s sterling work decorating.

Till them.  🙂