Vendredi 31st 2014

Today was our 4 week anniversary. We’re decided we’re going to stay a bit longer!

Since the last update we’ve been out and about a bit but I’ll make you read on to find out more!

France part 2 111

The view from just up the road that welcomes us home

Last Sunday we went to Dournazac which was having an Apples and Chestnuts Fete. After taking the least efficient route possible which took us down many a wee road – marvelling as we do at all the lovely houses – we were waved into a field to park.  The village is not large and much of it was fenced off.  After paying 2e to get in we wandered around the stalls and managed to get Macaroons which we felt we’d missed out on the other day.  J  There were many, many stalls selling all kinds of things – like at the SYlP market – and more.  Little sausages were bought, S is beginning to think I have a habit, and a few other bits and bobs.  It was busy but we got a drink by the bar and look a few pics.  The Friday Market in SYlP has a bar as well but there hasn’t been any bother or agro at any events we’ve seen and there is rarely any sign of the Police.  I fear the Links Market would be rather different with a bar…

France part 2 139

Slightly different angle of the same view

S’s back etc was playing up so we wandered back around and out fuelled by some non-French churros. As we left the tide of people down the hill had grown significantly and there was a cue of cars for the car park.  Many had obviously decided to go along as it was a lovely sunny afternoon.  We got home much more rapidly without any scenic meanderings.

After a few days of chilling as S recovered a bit from her back/leggy problems we plotted a drive to Eymoutier. We nearly rented a place at that end of the Department but ended up where we are – which has proved much better on every level we can think of.  We were operating with a Tourist map the deficiencies of which were more and more obvious as the day wore on.  Eymoutier is much further away than I thought but we stopped in Chateau-neuf le Foret for lunch.  We watched the Pompiers (Firemen) heading along the road and followed them into a restaurant where we had the very decent three course set menu (four with cheese and wine already on the table).  S’s Beef Bourguignonne was replaced by an omelette.

We then drove on to Eymoutier and had a potter around there in the car – it’s higher up and hillier at that end and tho pretty we were pleased to see we preferred where we have ended up by fluke. S was ‘attacked’ by a spider – yellow body, brown legs – as she took a couple of pictures.  I saved the day.

On the way back having realised we had quite a trip home we stopped at Saint Laurent de Noblat (which isn’t pronounced knoblat to my disappointment). We had a drink in a cafe in the square and popped into a patisserie to get provisions, to keep our strength up I’m sure you understand.  The drive back was where the Tourist map showed itself to be less than brilliant and the less said about our turning around in front of a Citroen garage the better.  S nearly wet herself at the look I got off the mechanic I “Excuse-moi’d” at…

Last night we went to the cinema. They had had a couple of Jacques Tati films on and we saw Traffic which was good and it had subtitles for the bits in Dutch and English.  Monsieur Hulot did well in colour.  It was a bit of a cheat we knew as the film wouldn’t be heavy on dialogue but the cinema was really good.  It’s got two screens either side of the entrance the sound was very good, the seats excellent and unlike the one at Halbeath South the carpets were not sticky.

  • In other news the Bank account has been confirmed as set up – however we are not looking for donations yet.
  • I’ve continued to add to my tan going for walks aided by the pointing out a foot bridge which gives a few options route and distance wise.
  • Weather wise I regularly exclaim “It’s nearly November” as the sun splits the sky again – the further south you are the better the weather is… It’s however taking a little getting used to. I’ve not worn shorts this late in the year since I dressed as an explorer at Cubs for Halloween and then I wasn’t outside.  I didn’t get a prize despite the Pith helmet, binoculars and snake – I was robbed!
  • We think we’ve got the hang of the internet access, here’s hoping!
  • We’ve also bought a proper map which will mean our detours can be as frequent but only when planned.

Fitba wise SYlP are away against the second bottom team and tho it’s not far along the road I’m keeping my power dry for more crucial/interesting away games later in the season… Don’t tell Susan!

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