Vendredi 14th 2014

Last Friday we went along to an event locally run by Connect the local English speaking group.  They were all British and we reduced the average age somewhat.  It was a scouting trip to see what they do and how they operate, not a desperate attempt to find fellow fans of the Telegraph and Marmite.  They do some events that we may pop along to now and again but we probably won’t be going to every meeting.

That night we had dinner at our hosts, Jan and Keith laid on a delicious spread that I did my best to consume – just to be polite, honest.  It was a great evening.


Fitba bit!

Game 3 watching Saint Yrieix saw another win.  15:2 against the worst side in the League, it’s difficult to keep track after a dozen.  I thought it was only 14 and the home side having a couple goals disallowed didn’t help.  The visitors had a chap wearing glasses, three guys who were in the late stages of balding and their keeper – who did ok – is apparently 59.  I was joined by the old bloke who I’d spoken to a couple of times and he patiently tried to decipher my comments as I struggled with some of his.

SYlP were in charge much of the game despite resting a few players but were hindered rather by the visitors linesman who in Scotland would be called flag happy amongst other things.  Here he is called a “Chef de Gare” namely a railway station staffer who is constantly waving off trains!

One of their players had been booked and in his understandable exasperation later on kicked the ball away and the ref got a card out but after shouts from the small crowd didn’t book him for a second time and sneaked the yellow back into his pocket.  That was a first for me but I was assured if the game had been closer it wouldn’t have happened!

The match was soured a little by a nasty sliding tackle/assault on a SYlP man which the visitor clearly followed up with more  enthusiasm on the ground.  The home man was unlucky to see red tho his assailant more than deserved his.

I also had confirmed its 4 points for a win, 2 for a draw and 1 for losing – even heavily.  It was pretty cold for the first time but entertaining all the same.  J

SYlP remain second and their goal difference has improved, the visitor’s is now -85…

End of fitba


On Sunday we went to Janailhac and Nexon.  The former is small but very well kept and the latter larger and featured a rather impressive Mairie/Hotel de Ville.  Most large Town Halls here have public loos nearby and in Nexon’s case they were within the building and they were even open on a Sunday.  Former CEC colleagues may wish to make their own comments about that and the shiny, members of the public free edifice on Market Street…

On Mardi we went along to the Armistice Day event at 11:15 at the War Memorial outside the Hotel de Ville in SYlP.  There is an open area which has an old field gun sitting on it.  Here it’s a blue cornflower that is the emblem used rather than the red poppy.

There were lots of uniformed representatives of various organisations, the Police, the Military and the Pompiers were there in their shiny helmets.  There was no religious element and around ten flag bearers with tricolours.  The Pompiers were called into action when a teenager near us fainted – hitting the ground with quite a wallop – and they tended to him promptly and efficiently.  The Mayor spoke as did a couple of others and two youngsters who did well.  About forty pigeons were released, wheeling around overhead before heading homeward – which was a nice touch – and then school children sang the national anthem bringing the ceremony to a close.

A friendly looking chap had stopped and spoken to us as we waited for things to begin catching us unawares and we apologised as we shook his hand.  This a bit embarrassing as it seems he was the Mayor!

Having been to the equivalent event a few years ago in Kirkcaldy it was a much more mixed crowd here.  There was not much mention of 100 years since WWI starting more reference to the end of WWI.  There is a nearby exhibition about the centenary but I thought the anniversary would get more of a mention – it may have done we can’t promise to have followed every word.  However, this may be another indication of the slightly different way these issues are considered on this side of the water.

Our trip this week was to Brive which we visited in March as part of our scouting.  En route we stopped to break the 60 odd kilometre journey in Objat which is a nice wee town.  We had a wander about there then I managed aided by my co-pilot to find our way into the Centre Ville and park where we had planned.  Having had some difficulty finding places to eat in March we managed with ease to find somewhere to lunch.  After a wander around the old centre we paused at a previously chocolate shop – my fault not S’s – and did our bit to boost the local economy.  Having successfully got out of Brive without incident we took a slightly different route home checking out other places we plan to visit en route, I won’t however give anything away just now, the tease that I am…

Today I am off to try and get a haircut.  I’ve already made clear before and after pictures shouldn’t be going on this Blog but S may have different ideas.  Anyway if it goes badly as I often say, not enough people wear hats…


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