Vendredi 28th

South bound Storks!

South bound Storks!

Thursday more storks went over in two groups the second upwards of 200.  And we got a pic this time.

Famous Pigs!

Famous Pigs!

This area is said to be famous among other things for its pigs which have dark areas on their heads and hind portions.  S is a fan of pigs – insert an abusive comment about me here.  Eight weeks in we were convinced the special pigs were a myth orchestrated by the Tourist Office and Mairie.  But no we found some!  Two sets in fact, groups/oinks/troughs/whatever the collective noun is…

S hopes they are used for truffle hunting, I however have other ideas on how they could best benefit humanity.  I will report back on how tasty they are when I can!

Saturday was bitty.  Mitzy had her first trip to the vet which went ok, aided by her ability to speak English (the vet not the cat).  The poor wee thing (the cat not the vet) has been impacted more than us by the move.  She’s not enjoying being regularly chased by Tiger our hosts male.  We try and keep an eye out and have saved her more times than she knows but we’ve promised the next place will be all her own territory (hopefully).

We went to an event in the Salle de Congress in SYlP – it was an artisans Madelines and Chocolate event so we toddled along just to make sure the numbers attending made it worth the organisers time.  Sadly there were free samples, demonstrations and live music.  (I appear to have used the word ‘sadly’ wrong there).  It seems a gourmet meal is common at such things and folk were sitting done at the side to no doubt enjoy their 25 Euro’s worth as S and I wandered about.  As well as the real thing there were various chocolate/sweet based earings, necklaces and key rings available which I thought would be good gifts for a few people.  Then I realised that those people’s young children may try nibbling on them if their Mum’s didn’t do so first.  (You know who you are!)

I was forced to struggle thru another piss-poor Raith game on BBC Alba – note the lack of use of the word performance.  The high point of the coverage being Ally Gourlay remaining with us, despite his terminal diagnosis.  He’s obviously not been prepared to miss out on not being able to see me at the fitba.  A pleasure some others will still be savouring…

Keith’s chickens have been given free rein to wander about and we’re getting used to them appearing outside windows/doors in their flock of four.  We work out where they are before moving the car and apart from me wandering out to usher them off the road it’s gone well.  I did this during the last Grand Prix which was welcome in that the least competitive and most boring season in 20+ years is now over.  Susan painted while I pottered about during it rather than avidly watch as we normally would.  Hamilton won the easiest and thus most meaningless title in years, from before the first race him and Rosberg were going to be first or second – it was as pointless as Scottish fitba.

On Monday we happened across a film called “The Girl in the Cafe” with Bill Nigh and Kelly MacDonald – worth loading to your i-things via a cloud or whatever young people do nowadays.

On Tuesday we plotted Thursday’s trip inspired as we were by a Channel 4 documentary…

Fitba bit



SYlP won away on Sunday lunchtime – no it wasn’t on TV so goodness knows why it was played then.  They remain second and face the League leaders tomorrow (Saturday night).  Not that I’m looking forward to it he lied.

We pottered off to a wee local village and discovered along with the aforementioned pigs a cracking wee fitba ground.  S didn’t share my enthusiasm but as you can see it’s cool.  They have seating for about a dozen in their Executive area too.

Executive seating area!

Executive seating area!

It turns out that this lot – La Roche L’Abeille (formed in 1963) – are actually two leagues above SYlP but I won’t be like an Old Firm fan and jump ship to them.  Dafty that I am…  Their second team are in SYlP’s division so that away game looks likely.

End of fitba bit

On Thursday we were up early and hit the road at 7:26 for a 654.94 kilometre round trip.  That’s a long way in any language.

We set off in mist, which lifted as the sun rose.  Leaving the Haute Vienne we drove into the Correze through the Lot and onto Aveyron.  The landscape changed a bit, from rolling hills where we started to higher more marginal land a bit like the Highlands as the time between conurbations stretched.  The roads were however excellent and good progress was made.  We whipped by a few Memorials reminding passers by that the French were pretty active here throughout WWII.   Pausing for obvious reasons in Deaczeville we continued.

We declined the opportunity to turn off and visit the village of Balsac – what they must shout to encourage their fitba team doesn’t bear thinking about…

On and on we went but from the pictures I’m sure you’ve guessed our destination.  The Norman Foster designed French built Millau Viaduct.

Millau Viaduct

Millau Viaduct

Having seen it various times on TV including the World’s Top Ten Bridges the other day it looks amazing.  That doesn’t really do it justice it’s staggering in the concretey, white painted, ropey flesh.  Seeing it in the distance is pretty impressive but close up it’s even better.



It’s unsurprisingly part of a Toll Road, and S as she’s on that side was startled by how quickly her card was read and 7,30 euro’s taken.  On we went, to the rest stop designed to ensnare both travellers and bridge junkies alike.  The bridge/viaduct is 2,5ks long and extends over a very deep and rather pretty gorge made by the Tarn river.

Telt ya it was big!

Telt ya it was big!

The pictures don’t do the scenery or the Bridge justice.  It was a little cloudy but about 15 degrees so pleasant for us Scottish type folk.  The exhibition and bit for taking pictures were very quiet and I’m sure that a visit would be different in the summer months.  With lots of queues and coach loads of people.  Driving across was pretty good, smooth as silk unlike the regular thuds of the Forth Road Bridge the view from it is also pretty impressive.  Going across you can’t see down – which would scare a few people I’m sure – so you can’t really appreciate the scale of what you are travelling on.

S with large erection (in background) [Stop it you rude people]

S with large erection (in background) [Stop it you rude people]

Our aim was to go Millau which is now avoided by the main road South.  That took a while and we passed a sun farm(?)/power station of solar panels which was interesting.  Eventually we snaked down the side of the gorge stopping for more pictures and into Millau which would be very different if the traffic was still thundering through it.  S isn’t as cold as she looks BTW.



After a short but tasty light lunch having benefitted from a chap leaving the car park giving us his ticket which had only cost 20 cents.  We headed homewards to get as much mileage/kilometreage under our belt before it got dark.  We took different roads home not completely on purpose but made it back to SYlP in time to try out the pizza kiosk.

We were welcomed home by Mitzy who was pretending that she hadn’t been fed by our hosts in our absence!

Having seen the World’s Best Bridge or whatever the Channel 4 documentary called it and nearly 13 hours out the house we’ve decided that 500k’s is our maximum day trip mileage in future…  Not that it wasn’t absolutely worth it.  J


One thought on “Vendredi 28th

  1. HI John – enjoying your blether from the south of France. sounds as if you’ve settled in well and getting to know the local area, and further afield.
    Am sure you were also reflecting on the 20th anniversary of a certain match at Ibrox Stadium the other day too….nice piece on the BBC website about which you’ve probably seen already
    look forward to reading more of your ramblings
    All the best for now



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