Snails! 2015

Snails, aka escargot, are readily available here.  Frozen, chilled, canned, homeless in glass jars or just the shells awaiting re-occupation they are on the shelves and in the cabinets of most food shops.  They are even form part of the Value range at Casino!  Frogs legs are however not readily available.

If you were wondering why I’m saying it’s only so long I could go before trying them…  I’ve not taken the option in various eateries I’ll admit fearful of the impact me not liking them would have on any fellow diners nearby or between me and the toilets!

We toyed with getting some at Xmas but were fearful how our visitors would react…


Anyway some with garlic butter were bought rather than the foie gras version.  They looked ok and smelt great.

So with Susan sitting excitedly watching no doubt relishing the thought of me making a run for the sink I skewered my first and at her insistence posed for a picture.

Here goes!

I liked it!  It was like a mussel but smaller.  I happily poked about in the other dozen shells for the rest of them.  But horror of horrors one of them was empty.  An eviction must have taken place, no doubt for rent arrears as no-one/nothing gets evicted for any other reason nowadays…


A short time later the eleven were escargone and the remnants of garlic butter happily mopped up with a bit of lovely fresh bread.

I rather enjoyed them but fear that Neil may be inspired to source some his lunch as an alternative to mussels in the ‘canteen’ at NELO.  Goodness knows what Ads, Rach, Tracy, Simone, Morena, Euan, Lesley and the rest of the gang would say if he did…  One thing would be certain, I’d no doubt get the blame!



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